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“A gentle, stretching exercise program that’s fun and provides connection for the residents with each other and with the staff, which can help to combat loneliness and isolation, and promote a sense of community within the aged care home.”

Laughter is often referred to as the best medicine, and it is especially true for the elderly. Laughter sessions, which involve various forms of laughter exercises and activities, can provide a range of benefits for seniors. Firstly, laughter is known to have a positive impact on mental health. It can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, all of which are common issues among seniors. Participating in a laughter session can help seniors forget their worries and bring more joy and happiness into their lives.

In addition to improving mental health, laughter sessions can also provide physical health benefits. Laughter has been shown to strengthen the immune system, lower blood pressure, improve cardiovascular health and even reduce pain. For seniors who may be dealing with chronic health conditions or weakened immune systems, these benefits can be particularly important. Laughter sessions are a form of gentle exercise, which can improve mobility, flexibility, and balance. Overall, laughter sessions are a gentle, stretching, exercise program that can be a fun and effective way for seniors to improve both their physical and mental health, and bring more joy and laughter into their lives.

Laughter sessions in an aged care home, can also offer a range of emotional and social advantages to the residents. Through laughter, the residents can connect with each other and the staff, which can help to combat loneliness and isolation, and promote a sense of community within the aged care home. as they participate in a shared experience that promotes joy and a positive atmosphere.

If you wish to organise laughter sessions for an aged care home your involved with, get in touch with Spaceman. As a certified Laughter Yoga leader with experience in facilitating laughter sessions, he is able to bring joy and laughter to residents in aged care homes. The sessions are tailored to the specific needs of older adults, incorporating gentle movements and breathing exercises that can be done seated. Spaceman is committed to creating a fun and engaging experience for everyone involved. Let’s bring some laughter and positivity to your aged care home!

Laughter Yoga Research with Seniors in Australia

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