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In 2002, after way too many drinks on an adventurous holiday in Ireland, Spaceman Africa decided to change his name legally.

In 2008, upon accepting that he had a drinking problem, Spaceman found the courage and determination to make a major decision which turned his life around on a personal and professional level. He stopped drinking. As a recovered alcoholic, Spaceman mastered the art of overcoming adversity and reinvented himself. While searching for activities that bring happiness and good health, he found Laughter Yoga.

Spaceman is currently working in Community Services in the homelessness sector. He is a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and runs the Laughing Space Laughter Club every Thursday night at Woden Library.

Spaceman also offers laughter sessions in the commercial world to businesses and organisations. He delivers a relaxed, fun and friendly exercise program for team members that reduces stress resulting in increased productivity and enhances workplace relationships to boost morale. The tailored laughter sessions can be done in a group, or individually, and are easily learnt so the participants can practice them in their own time at home or at work.

More about Spaceman

In July of 2022, Spaceman was invited on to the ABC Radio Canberra breakfast show to chat with host Lish Feyer about what is laughter yoga, the benefits of laughing, and the time and place of his weekly social laughter club.

Spaceman was approached by Arthritis, Pain Support ACT to speak with their members in December 2022 about Laughter Yoga – what it is, how it works and the health benefits. Spaceman gave an engaging presentation that laughter yoga is a fun, simple and effective tool to create a relaxed time and space.

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